A new series of books has been released in Australia.

The series is titled The Sword and the Blade, and is a series of fantasy novels about an ordinary warrior, called Lance.

The author, J.M. Austin, was inspired to write the series after reading the books of John Wyndham, the famous Welsh author.

“I was really fascinated by the way John Wyntham’s stories are structured,” he said.

“They’re so incredibly intricate, and I loved the way he depicted the world.

I wanted to create something like that, and so I thought I’d do a fantasy story set in a fantasy world, and have a warrior who’s a bit of a badass, who’s got a sword and who fights for the good of the people, so I set out to make a fantasy book that I could really connect to.”

He has told his fans the stories he’s written, and has even started to sell his stories on Amazon.

The Sword & the Blade is the latest in a line of fantasy series that Austin has written, starting with a series called The Red Knife, and ending with The Shadow Rising.

It’s been a long journey for Austin, who started writing novels in 2006, but has never really made much progress.

He has a good story to tell, and he’s been able to make his books accessible to a wider audience than most people would be willing to read.

The idea for The Sword And The Blade came about in the early 2000s, when Austin’s mother died.

He went into a deep depression, and when he came out of it he had to find a new way of life.

He wrote his first novel in 2008, but the success of The Shadow Ruins was enough to give him the confidence to write a series.

The second series, The Sword Of The Crescent Moon, was released in 2013, and was his first book to sell more than 10,000 copies in its first week.

I started writing The Sword of The Crescent