Popular fiction novels by pulp fiction writers have been rebranded as “cryptocurrency” in an attempt to capture the interest of new users.

According to a tweet from the company that has been making the headlines recently, the popular novel “Sophia’s Choice” by author Veronica Roth has now been renamed as “Cryptocurrency”.

“Our novel, Sophia’s Choice, is now a cryptocurrency,” the company said.

“It’s an exciting time for the industry and we are excited to add the new name to our platform to showcase the unique writing style of our writers.”

Roth has been known for her prolific writing and her latest novel, “The Lost Girl”, has garnered her a loyal following, with her latest book earning a Golden Globe nomination.

The novel “The Hidden City” was also made into a cryptocurrency and was recently made available for purchase on a bitcoin exchange.

Roth previously wrote a number of sci-fi novels for the Golden Globe award-winning BBC and BBC Radio 4.