The number of books that are published in the UK and other countries annually has fallen by nearly a third since the start of the millennium.

This is partly due to an increase in the number of novels being published by independent publishers.

But a new report from the UK Booksellers Association has also found that sales of fiction have fallen. 

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The authors of the report, which was written by booksellers, said that while sales of books were up, they had not seen an increase that would justify an increase to the UK government’s national target of £1bn for books in 2020. 

They pointed to the drop in sales of traditional books, as well as online sales, as a sign that the market for fiction was not growing.

“The fall in sales from fiction is not driven by a decline in sales for traditional books,” the authors wrote.

“It is due to a number of factors, including the popularity of digital media, a reduction in sales to local markets, and the shift of the publishing industry towards digital publishing.”‘

I feel like I have been told to write a novel about me’ The authors, from across the UK, wrote: “The book industry is an extremely small and under-resourced sector. 

It has never been more important that we ensure that we are not over-emphasising the role of the author and the importance of the book as a vehicle for social and political change.””

I feel very, very isolated in my own life,” said the author, whose novel, A Story of One, has just been published. 

“I am not writing about a story of a man, who has gone on to do a great deal of good, or a story that tells the story of an individual who has made a great change. 

The book is about me.” 

In their report, the authors said that “it was a very challenging time” for the book industry, with authors struggling to pay for their books and with sales “falling so steeply”. 

“Our survey indicates that we had the lowest number of self-published novels published in 2017, and that sales were lower than at any point since 2011,” the report concluded.

“This is not good news, as the market is still struggling to recover from the impact of the Great Recession, and it is not clear whether the downturn will be sustained.”