A story about a man’s ex-girlfriend that takes the form of a story about her ex-boyfriend’s life and relationships can be a perfect fit for an award-winning novel.

The story about the man’s daughter, written by a young American author named Laura Fuchs, is based on a novel that came out in 2009.

The novel, written in a fictionalized version of a former relationship between a man and his ex-wife, depicts the woman as a manipulative manipulator, with a tendency to lie about her feelings and desires to get what she wants.

The woman, in contrast, is a quiet, caring person who has a loving, caring, protective side to her.

The novel is a best seller and is now the subject of a documentary film.

Laura Fuchs is a novelist, journalist, and the author of five books of fiction.

She has a doctorate in creative writing from Harvard University and teaches creative writing at the University of Georgia.