A recent survey asked the question: Which novel-as-pulp genre actors are the best?

The answer is not an easy one.

The survey, published by New York Magazine, asked the respondents to list five novel actors who best embody the role of a pulp novel character.

The responses ranged from Jules Verne to the late Richard Matheson, with some of the best performing names coming from other genres, such as the New England author James Rollins, and the English author Stephen King.

The five best-performing novel actors were Jules, Stephen, James, Richard, and James, as well as two other notable actors who played the role in other films, including Peter Bogdanovich.

Other notable novel actors that have appeared in other novels include James Dean, Billie Holiday, John Cusack, and George Clooney.

The top five performers for the genre are Jules as a pulp writer, Stephen as the character of the pulp writer who meets and falls in love with the pulp novelist and writer, James as the pulp publisher who buys the author’s work and uses it to sell more pulp novels, and Richard as the writer who saves the author from a life of crime. 

The five best pulp actors are James Dean as a writer, Peter Bogden as the publisher of a magazine, and Jules and James as writers who fall in love.

But the five best novel actors for the role were none of them.

There are no definitive lists of best novelists, but most of the leading novelists who have played pulp characters have been of the “new” genre, which means that they have worked in an earlier generation of pulp fiction.

In addition to the names of the five authors listed, we also know that the actors have had roles in other books, including the popular novel The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Frontier, by William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway, and The Last Story, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

James Dean was also a writer and producer on several films, most notably in Pulp Fiction and The Breakfast Club.

But he is best known for his portrayal of the pulpy writer Jules in his 1976 film The Adventures Of Buckaroo, which earned him an Oscar nomination.

James is best remembered for his role as a “pulp novelist” in Pulps.

He is best seen in The Breakfast Clubs version of The Adventures, as the main character of Jules.

In the films The Breakfast Cart and The Great Train Robbery, he is played by Gary Oldman.

James also had a role in a sequel to The Breakfast Ceremony, The Adventures In The Woods.

James has also appeared in films like The Exorcist and Psycho, as he plays the pulped version of the villain. 

Pulp fiction is a genre of fiction that explores themes of morality, law, and religion, as opposed to the more mature genre of science fiction.

Its most famous works include James Bond novels, which have spawned several movies, including Casino Royale, starring Timothy Dalton.

The genre also includes science fiction, which features science fiction characters and events, as in the classic science fiction novels The Outer Limits, Outer Space, and Outer Space: New Moon, among others. 

In the 1960s, the novelization of the first three James Bond films was a hit with critics and audiences.

The novels have since been adapted into movies, and a number of them have been adapted to the screen.

One of the films based on the novels, The World Is Not Enough, won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.