Stephen King, author of The Shining and Carrie, is opening his first bookstore in the Twin Cities next month.

The Booksellers is set to open in the first floor of the Minneapolis Building at 14th and Avenue S.E., just east of the University of Minnesota campus.

A small sign on the door reads, “It’s a big book store.”

It will be a book shop with books, but also other types of books, such as audiobooks, as well as hardcovers.

A sign outside says, “Booksellers in Minnesota, it’s a great place to be.”

The store is in the middle of a $1.2 million renovation project at the Minneapolis building, which includes a new bookstore and an office space for the store.

The building also has a new grocery store and a new food court.

The Minnesota House of Representatives approved the renovation of the building in December 2015.

The House passed a bill to fund the renovation by $4.6 million.

The project includes a big new book store, new food courts, a new parking garage, new windows and a renovation of nearby historic buildings.

The owner of the Minnesota House, Kevin Johnson, said the renovation will bring more people into the area and improve the shopping experience.

It’s a very different place than we have in Minneapolis right now, he said.