There are only so many movies you can see before they’re out of date, and some of the most popular films are getting older.

And the wait is getting longer.

That’s according to a new poll of Canadians and a new survey from The National Post.

Read moreThe poll by Insights West found that a total of 6,851 Canadians aged 18 and over responded to the poll and it found that more than 70 per cent of them would like to see their first movie when it comes out in 2018.

It also found that 52 per cent think that Canadians are getting younger.

“The age of filmgoers has been increasing over the last decade, and this is no surprise.

Canadians are more mature, more engaged, and more connected to their movies than ever before,” said John Mance, head of InsightsWest.

“Our research shows that this is driven by two factors.

First, we are seeing younger audiences increasingly turning to digital media, which is good news for film, television, and video games.

Here’s how the survey’s results break down:The survey asked people whether they would be willing to see a film at least once in their lifetime if it came out in the next 12 months. “

As Canadians get older, the desire for film is growing, but there’s also a greater desire for entertainment that has a long-term relevance to the culture.”

Here’s how the survey’s results break down:The survey asked people whether they would be willing to see a film at least once in their lifetime if it came out in the next 12 months.

Roughly half of those who answered yes said they would, while just 19 per cent said they wouldn’t.

Forty-one per cent would say no, and 20 per cent were unsure.

Only 25 per cent are in favour of making films available to people over 18.

Only 19 per to 29 per cent say that filmgoers should be able to access their movies on mobile devices.

The rest of the people in favour are in the middle: 20 per to 28 per cent.

And just under half (47 per cent) of those surveyed would like a film to be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Just 13 per cent aren’t sure what that means.

The survey also asked about what moviegoers would like from the upcoming season of the series Stranger Things.

More than a quarter of those polled said they wanted the show to be renewed for a second season, with 38 per cent saying they want the show’s fourth season to follow.

Only a third of those respondents would be comfortable seeing their own kids in a film.

The poll also found more than three-quarters of those people said they think films should be available on Netflix and other streaming services.

More than two-thirds of those in the poll (69 per cent), who are also interested in other media, would be happy to see films available on those platforms.

More people in the survey said they want to see new Canadian movies released in 2019.

More people (72 per cent and 67 per cent respectively) would like films to be made in 2019 if they can be found.

Only 28 per the survey, people want to get a glimpse of their own movie.

Thirty-three per cent don’t think they will be able do that.

Only 14 per cent want to watch a film in a theatre or cinema, while 23 per cent will watch a movie online.

More of those interested in the movie market want to know what kind of movie they want.

Fifty-two per cent, for example, want a Canadian film that has been made in Canada.

More are interested in seeing a film made by a British filmmaker.

Only eight per cent who are interested are interested enough to buy tickets for a movie they’ve never seen.

Twenty-three percent of those, meanwhile, would rather see their movie come out in a Canadian festival.

Fifty per cent wouldn’t, and three per cent didn’t know.

The Insights survey was conducted online between October 18 and November 9, and surveyed 2,063 Canadians.