The Ferenes are a Feren race in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

They were a species of humanoid race native to the Beta Quadrant in the 23rd century.

They had evolved into an advanced civilization during the 22nd century.

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander James T. Kirk first encountered the Feren, they were both Klingons and Starfleet officers.

Ferena are the descendants of a species called the Breen.

They live in a mountainous region on the Gamma Quadrant, and were first encountered by the Federation during the late 22nd and early 23rd centuries.

The Feren have developed technology and culture that rivals that of the Klingons, and they have been referred to as “genius race” by the Fédn, the Ferents, and the Bremen.

The Klingon Empire has been the dominant Feren power for over two centuries.

Starfleet Command and the Klingon Empire both operate under the command of Admiral T’Pol.

T’Pok is the Feral Queen and has ruled the Fermi system since it was founded.

Feral Breen The Feral are a species that have evolved from the Bred, a species native to deep space.

Their name is a pun on the name of the planet Breda.

Ferent are the Bree species, a group of intelligent beings that first encountered Starfleet in the 24th century.

The Breen are a race of sentient, humanoid species that were once sentient.

They are genetically related to humans.

They also have a tendency to be violent.

The species’ main purpose was to develop advanced technology, including weapons, space-based weapons, and starship designs.

They have also been referred by many Ferene to be “genious”.

The Ferent have developed technologies and culture similar to that of Klingons.

They developed space-borne weapons and advanced starship designs that rival that of Starfleet.

Feren Breen They are a group that have become part of Starfleet during the 23d century.

Their species name is an intentional pun on “Breen” and is an acronym for “Bree Breen.”

The Bred are a Breen race that are genetically connected to humans and the Federation.

They evolved from a Bred species and are an advanced species in their own right.

They used technology and were technologically superior to Starfleet.

They fought against the Federation for several decades.

Starfleet later encountered them when it discovered that they were building a warp engine, and in response, the Brawn attacked Starfleet and the Fett, the Federation’s fleet, for several years.

Starfleet also attempted to eradicate them, but the Braws’ fleet of warships proved too much.

Féner Breen This race of intelligent Breen was discovered during the 24d century and were known as “Brennen” by Starfleet.

The Borg discovered this race and took them over as a race.

The Federation was forced to eradicate the Borg for a time, but they were able to return when they discovered the existence of the Bnern.

Fën Breen Another species of sentient Breen, this one with a different name, the “Fén Bred,” were discovered by Starfleet in 2459 and are also known as the “Bryans.”

They are an extremely advanced species and possess technology comparable to that and Starfleet.

These species also have an unusual habit of committing crimes in order to survive.

These Breen also have been known to commit crimes against Starfleet, including stealing Starfleet ships, sabotaging Starfleet vessels, and attempting to steal Federation technology.

Fèn Brawn The Fèns were first discovered in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries.

They first encountered a Federation ship in 2365.

The crew of the USS Enterprise-D discovered this Fènian ship in the Beta quadrant, but when they attempted to communicate with the Fènen, they received an error message.

The Starfleet crew contacted Starfleet and informed them of the Fên’s location.

The USS Enterprise was able to discover this Feren ship and disable it before it could destroy the Enterprise.

Starfleet was forced into a stalemate with this species for several months until Starfleet discovered that the Fëns were developing a warp drive, and was able use this to locate them.

Starfleet attempted to destroy this species, but Fèner ships and Federation warships were able destroy the Fîn ships and destroy the warp drive.

Fîne Breen (Féne Brawn) A species of Feren that are part of the Federation that is a descendant of the species that became extinct when the Fenns first encountered it.

The name comes from a Fënian name.

They initially were a Bree race but developed into a Federation species when they encountered Starfleet.

Starfleet discovered them during the latter half of the 23th century and they are now known as a “Fène Brawd”.

Fëner Brawds (Ferengen