When you’re trying to write a fantasy novel, you might have a few options: write the script yourself, hire a professional writer, or find a publisher.

But there’s another option for you that you can take: hire a copy editor.

The idea behind this option is simple: an editor will edit your story, make sure it’s up to scratch, and then give you an outline.

The editor will then draft your story and send it to you, to make sure you’ve got all the right pieces in place.

This approach works well for most types of stories, but for more complex ones, you may want to consider hiring a professional copy editor to help you craft your story.

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring an editor: 1.

They’ll be able to help shape your story for the next six months.

The first step in writing a good novel is getting the story written.

But if you want to sell the book you’ve written, you’ll want to be sure that you have an editor who can help shape the final product.

And that means hiring a copyeditor can help you do that.


They’re the people you need to have a dialogue with.

Copy editors aren’t just there to edit your work; they’re also your eyes and ears, telling you what the author needs to say to you and to the reader.

If you want your story to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to want an editor with experience editing.

If the editor you’re working with isn’t someone you trust to handle your work, you could end up with a copy that’s not as polished or well-received as you’d like.


You’ll be spending less time with your manuscript.

You’re not just writing a story.

Your copyeditor will also be reading your story aloud, reviewing it, and sending you a copy of the final draft so that you’ll have a clear picture of how your story is shaping up.

You should also consider hiring someone to review your manuscript, a role that can save you time, and help you improve your draft in the long run.


They can help keep your manuscript up-to-date.

When you finish editing your story—and it should be done by the time you submit your manuscript to the publisher—you’ll want it to be ready for publication.

It might take months for your manuscript(s) to make it to the publishing world, so it’s critical that you review it thoroughly.

That way, when you’re ready to publish, you know exactly where your story stands.

That’s why hiring a editor is so important.


They make the final edits.

Editors are the ones who get the final say on your story’s final draft, and they’re the ones you need if you’re looking to get published.

They help craft your final manuscript and give you a final, detailed draft to edit before publishing.

The fact that an editor can help craft the final edit and keep it up-in-date is an especially valuable feature, since editing takes time and a lot of time to process.

Here’s how you can hire an editor to improve your manuscript: 1