The world has been rocked by the discovery of a 100-year-old vampire, who has been described as “the oldest known living human known to humankind”.

Vampire was born in 1588, and is believed to have been a descendant of a previously unknown species of human known as the Neanderthals.

Vampire is said to have had two heads, one from each of its two parents, with one head growing bigger than the other.

His parents died, and his two heads were split into two halves, each of which was about 5cm (2 inches) long.

The oldest known surviving specimen of Vampire is believed by some to be the remains of an adult female who died about 12,000 years ago in South America.

It is estimated to have lived in the late 1800s, but the exact age of his death is unknown.

Vampires are thought to have first appeared in ancient Greece and Rome, with the earliest known known example being found in the town of Aithos in Greece.

However, the earliest recorded human being was a Neanderthal, found in a cave in Siberia about 10,000-11,000 BCE.

Vicente Beltran, a biologist at the University of Buenos Aires, told the New Scientist magazine that the oldest known known vampire is believed now to be a “little baby”, which may have lived some 400 years earlier than previously thought.

“It is not that it is very old, but that it’s a little baby,” he said.

“We have not seen any evidence of it in any other way than it may have been buried and then found by people.”

This baby may have survived and may have had a sibling.

It is possible it may also have had an offspring.

“He added that while it was likely that the baby was an adult, the discovery did not suggest that the vampire was female.

Professor Beltran added that “we are still not sure of the age of the adult vampire, because he was buried in a Neanderthalian cave.”

I don’t know that we can prove this definitively yet.”

Vampire has been featured in a number of movies, including a 2004 science fiction film, The Vampire Hunter.

In 2012, Vampire was also featured in the blockbuster blockbuster The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

In that film, the vampire hunter is killed by a group of bandits who were after his corpse.

A vampire is later discovered and used as a tool of mass murder by the titular villain in the upcoming sequel, The Hunger Game: Minding the Wolves.

Voidwalker was also portrayed in the 2014 film Black Panther.

He was originally portrayed by James Earl Jones, who died in 2016 at the age