With so much attention on the #Coyotes and #BlueJackets, it’s easy to forget how popular fiction vs. nonfiction is in the NHL.

And while the NHL doesn’t have a formal #StrangersThanFilms hashtag, they’re trending, and their popularity continues to grow.

With the #FantasyChallenge, the NHL is trying to turn this trend into a real competition with the hashtag.

They’ll have the league’s best writers from around the league compete in a series of contests to see who can write the funniest, most touching, and most heartwarming stories.

The winner will win the #StrangestStory award.

The winners of the first two competitions will get to go on to compete in the third contest.

The next contest will be on January 13, with the winner announced on January 15.

Here’s how the contest will work:Writers are encouraged to submit stories that use “a fictionalized or altered person or place, or a fictionalized setting or character.”

The writer can include any person, place, character, or setting.

If a story uses a person or setting that isn’t fictionalized, the writer needs to include a reference to a real person or person, or to a character that is not fictionalized.

For example, a writer can write a story about a real doctor who treats the same patient twice.

The doctor would have a name, a face, a place, and a description, but not the real person that the writer created.

The winning story should also include at least one of the following elements: a story that is the result of real events that took place, a scene or character that portrays the person, person, thing, or situation depicted, or the use of a character or setting from a real story.

In some cases, the winning story will have a different or unrelated reference to real events, such as a scene from a movie, a character in a book, or an event in real life.

If a writer’s story is a short one, they can use any of the standard formatting tools available in the writing tools section of the NHL’s website, including Google Sheets, Word, or Adobe Acrobat.

For more information on the hashtag, check out the NHL site: The hashtag will be launched on January 14.

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