A fictional character in a fictional story is one that is based on real life or a person.

This is often used to describe characters such as Sherlock Holmes or Captain America or even a superhero or superheroine.

This may be the same as the character being based on a fictional character such as a Disney character or comic book character, or perhaps it’s just a case of a fictionalized character appearing in a different medium.

Sometimes, the fictional character may have been created by a third party or an actor.

But usually, the story of a character is told from the character’s perspective, and it’s based on the person they are.

The story of Sherlock Holmes, for example, is based not on his own life but on the life of a friend, and the character of Dr. Watson is based upon the life and work of the Sherlock Holmes of fiction.

The fictional character of Captain America is based largely on his real life Captain America, as well as his real-life relationship with Steve Rogers, so he’s a fictional representation of the character.

And so on.

You can even find fictional characters in the form of characters created for the sake of entertainment, or to serve as characters in a movie.

If you are interested in learning more about fictional characters, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you, as they are frequently available for free.

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